Baul Sangit [Puja Special]

Shyamkalyan Bhattacharya

Album Description
Baul is not just one of the many things unique to Bengal. This wandering music cult has a special place in the history of world music. The word "Baul" has its etymological origin in the Sanskrit words "Vatula" (madcap), or "Vyakula" (restless) and used for someone who is "possessed" or "crazy".

  1. Track Name: Amar antaray.mp3

  2. Track Name: Ami ekdino na.mp3

  3. Track Name: Emon ulta desh.mp3

  4. Track Name: Kunje asiben hari.mp3

  5. Track Name: Tumi ailanare.mp3

  6. Track Name: Tusu.mp3


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