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140x140 Adi Naktala Sarbojanin Durga Utsav Committee

Puja Details
Club Information

Secretary Name: Arijit Das

Contact Number: 9830427311

Email Address: adinaktala50@gmail.com

Address: 1/ 268 A Naktala Kolkata - 700047

Location: Naktala Kolkata

Website: www.http://adinaktaladurgapuja.blogspot.in

Facebook Page: Adi Nakatala

Theme Information (Year:2015)

Age of puja: 66

Theme of Puja: Shakambari

Theme Description: In Hinduism, Shakambhari is an incarnation of Goddess Durga, consort to Shiva. She is the divine mother, called "The Bearer of the Greens." In Hinduism any Vegetarian Item is considered as the Prasad of Shakambhari Devi. It is said that in times of famine, the Goddess Durga comes down and gives vegan food to the hungry (Shaka comes from Sanskrit and means vegetables and vegan food; "Bhari" means one who wears or bears. Actually the name Shakambhari comes from "Shakam" joined with the root Bhri (Shaka - vegetables or food and root Bhri - to nourish).

Theme Maker: Sri Krishno Priyo Dasgupta

Idol Maker: Sri Naba Paul

Pandel Artist: Sri Krishno Priyo Dasgupta

Social Activity: Blood Donation Camp, Blanket Distribution & Free Medical Center along with Free medicine through out the year.

Information about Last year puja

Last Year Award:

Last Year Inaugrated By: Sri Partha Chatterjee (Minister) & Sri Rudranil Ghosh (Actor)

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