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140x140 Mukherjee Parivar, Dum Dum

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Club Information

Secretary Name: 18589

Contact Number: 9830498688

Email Address: arindambanty@rediffmail.com

Address: 145, Sarat Bose Road, Subhasnagar, Dum Dum Cantonment

Location: Kolkata


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mukherjeeparivardurgapuja

Theme Information (Year:2014)

Age of puja: 156

Theme of Puja: Durga puja of Mukherjee parivar started about 156 years ago, in 1263 (according to the bengali calendar). Late Gopal Krishna Mukherjee was the pioneer of this puja in his household in undivided India. The family having migrated the Durga Puja is now celebrated in Kolkata. Unlike traditional position of the Goddess with her children, the Durga pratima of Mukherjee parivar has Lord Ganesh on her left side while Lord Kartikeya on the right side. The idol is of ‘akchala’ pattern. The idol of the Goddess is made in the ‘thakur dalan’ (open courtyard where the festivity is held)of the household. ‘Chakhudan’, the spectacular ceremony is always held on the day of Mahalaya. There is a ongoing tradition of “Patha Bali” on Navami. Beside, gourds, cucumbers and sugarcanes are also sacrificed all four days of the puja. 108 lamps are lighted at the time of Sandhipuja. It is one of the most important rituals of the household. There was also a practice of releasing Nilkontho bird but according to the government act it is forbidden now. On dashami, the male members of the family are revered by the ‘barondala’ of the Goddess . It marks a new beginning for a prosperous and happy future.

Theme Description: Household Puja with Traditional Value

Theme Maker: NA

Idol Maker: Sri Dulal Chandra Pal

Pandel Artist: NA

Social Activity: Not Provided

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Last Year Award: NA

Last Year Inaugrated By: NA

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