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Secretary Name: kanai das sen and sanjoy mallick

Contact Number: 9051506252

Email Address: mitrasree.d@gmail.com

Address: 156/1A, Maharaja Nanda Kumar Road(s) Kolkata - 700036

Location: North 24 Parganas (Baranagar)


Facebook Page: Mitrasree Baranagar

Theme Information (Year:2014)

Age of puja: 50

Theme of Puja: Nature & devi Durga

Theme Description: ‘MITRASREE’,founded in 1965,a socio-cultural organisation on the verge of door to celebrate 50 th years of one of the most precious,prestigious and joyous festival of world Durga puja.our puja solely depends on the para culture, para tradition which runs parallaly to our lives till today.we are going to present this golden jubilee year on the basis of creative theme as well as conveying a social message positively... In the colourful dimension of mythological miracles, we have Gods who wield their might through fire and water, who use Thunder as a deathly weapon, we have Goddesses who arise from the depths of the Earth and make flowers blossom as they walk. The Sun and the Moon are powerful mystical creatures who ride their grand chariots through celestial realms, the Eclipse is a dark, fearful being, a sundry collection of animals proudly accompany their respective holy Lords and Ladies, and the sea is an incessant chaotic site of magical occurrences, a home to sprites and dryads, a world of wonders. Believer or not, one must acknowledge that the chronicling of such wondrous tales points towards a simpler, primitive time – a time when the elements of Nature were worshipped, feared and held in reverence to the point where they were painstakingly incorporated into the tales of deities and placed on a heavenly pedestal. Nature was loved and held in such awe as to be considered an inexplicable, indomitable force wrought by heavenly will. With time, advancement and the expansion of human knowledge, came the disillusionment. What was once respected, is now looked upon as a mere tool to aid and bolster the leaps and bounds of human civilisation. As we amass more and more information about the universe, the layers of its esoteric magic peel away one by one, and its identity is reduced to the functionality and utility it has in the prosaic manifestations of human desireand human wants. We slash through ancient forests and order the mighty streams of molten glaciers to halt; we dig deep enough into the earth to make it shudder, we spew into the sky the toxic remnants of our progress, we ruthlessly mar the poetry of the seasons, we burn and chop and mutilate and seize till the carnage makes the world fume. And we do not stop. A tragic truth lies in the stories we leave behind. Our tales are more often than not, trails of destruction. The lifetime of a man is an epoch of ruin and demolition performed brutally upon a life-giving world – a story written in the blood of the creatures killed, the wisps of venomous vapours exhaled, the swirls of noxious effluents given up, the thuds of rubble scattered, the void left behind by the drops of life-force sucked out of ‘Nature’. Our tales, are tales of scarring. The tale of a tree, on the contrary, is a beautiful song – a ballad of unrequited love, a dirge about giving, nourishing and nurturing, of spreading life and love. It is perhaps time for the takers in the world to honour the givers. An apotheosis of Nature, thus, is what we aim to uphold. Even in the age of disenchantment, one can spare a moment to simply FEEL the might, the immense magnitude of the forces and mysteries that wrap the world we inhabit. The Giver, the Destroyer, the Supreme – in Nature lies the Divine, and our naïve forms of pledge and prayer are but affections directed towards a manifestation of the colossal potency of Nature. We call her Durga, we call her Goddess; what different is she, than a giver of life?

Theme Maker: Sital Pal

Idol Maker: Ajit Pal

Pandel Artist: Sudipta khan

Social Activity: Blood Donation Camp,Cloths & book distribution,Sit & draw Competition e.t.c

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